What is TMA

If you are taking the exam from Open Boards like BBOSE or NIOS, then you must have heard about this term Tutor Marked Assignment (TMA), and if you do not know what is TMA, then you read this article completely where you will get

Complete information about TMA.

• Full form of TMA is Tutor Marked Assignment, it is a type of open board assignment which has to be submitted to BBOSE or NIOS Board before the examination.
• If you take the exam under TOC, then this assignment is not required, but if you are directly giving BBOSE or NIOS board exam then you have to deposit this assignment.
• This assignment puts some marks on our examination as an assessment.
• On getting the assignment submitted, some marks are added to the marks got after appearing in the written examination.
• If we do not submit this assignment, then it will not matter much, just the assessment of some marks that you have to get will not be imposed.
• To make an assignment under TMA, you can go to BBOSE or NIOS website and see the complete information about making the assignment there.
Under this, there will be three assignments, for each subject selected by the students, each assignment will be based on 6 questions.
Now that you have learned about TMA, if you want to get more marks by giving assignments, then go to BBOSE or NIOS website now and see how the assignment is made and submit it before the last date of submission.

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