BBOSE is there for failed in 10th and 12th

The Bihar School Examination Committee released the matriculation result on Tuesday. Every year, about 2 lakh students in Bihar fail at the board level, in such a situation, the government has made a BBOSE for the students leaving school due to failure or for any other reason.

Apart from Bihar Board, CBSE, ICSE, and other board results have many students who have failed, need not be disappointed, BBOSE doors are open for them to show the way forward.

Many schools in Bihar are registered with BBOSE i.e. Bihar Board of Open Schooling and Examination. Which can also be viewed at

What is BBOSE

Let the readers know that BBOSE is an autonomous organization of the Department of Education, Government of Bihar. It has been recognized as equivalent to the ICSE and CBSE boards by a variety of national international standards. It is valid for obtaining higher education in all universities including technical institutions recognized by it.

In the year 2018, only 57- 68% of students were successful in Bihar Board’s 10th and 12th board examinations. Remaining unsuccessful students can brighten their future by enrolling in BBOSE and saving up to one year.

For students who have failed in any recognized board (ICSE / CBSE / BSEB) examination or the results are unsatisfactory and have passed in at least one subject, the form is filled by August for the enrollment of students. Whose examination takes place in December.

While filling the form, two photo applications along with the matriculation / inter mark sheet have to be attached with the form. In this, one has to take the examination of the same subject, in which the candidate has failed or scored fewer marks.

There is a provision of registration for this board throughout the year.

But the examination is held twice a year (June / December), and the results are published in August and February.

Missed studies for years? You can still do matriculation.

Studies have been missing for years, despite this, aspiring learners can do matriculation from BBOSE.

In the context of the above reference, one thing is for sure that there is no other option for BBOSE to save time and years.

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