BOSSE :: Board of Open Schooling and Skill Education BOSSE

BOSSE :: Board of Open Schooling and Skill Education

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Sikkim's BOSSE (Board of Open Schooling and Skill Education) is an Open School board that caters to the academic demands of a specific set of learners up to the pre-degree level, encompassing Secondary, Senior Secondary, and Skills and Vocational education.

The Sikkim Legislative Assembly enacted the Board of Open Schooling and Skill Education Act 2020 on September 21, 2020, as mentioned in Act No 14 of 2020.

BOSSE (Board of Open Schooling and Skill Education) strives to improve and deepen schooling education across the country by establishing paths to higher education via various forms of study.

BOSSE aims to universalize education and promote great equity and justice in society through a flexible education system that combines academic and vocational topics.

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Brief History of Open Schooling in India

The CBSE-sponsored open school initiative in 1979 marked the beginning of open schooling in India, with these factors in mind. A decade later, in 1989, the Ministry of Human Resources and Development established the National Open School (NOS) as an independent body to manage the initiative.

The National Open School (NOS) was renamed the National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) in 2002. (NIOS). Furthermore, under Act No. 14 of 2020, NIOS established BOSSE and added it to its list of open schools to increase access to universal education, as well as skill and vocational training, for all students up to the pre-degree level.

The board's main goal is to give education to society's underserved groups, which is sought because of its intrinsic link to human psychology and psychological growth. Open School No. 12 Admission is available to all; interested individuals should apply as soon as possible for the best job opportunities.

BOSSE, on the other hand, provides an open education system that is devoid of time-bound programming and mandatory attendance. It was created for individuals who, for many reasons, are unable to attend regular schools and now desire to complete their 10th or 12th-grade education regardless of age or for some other reason are unable to enroll in conventional school programs.

This board welcomes all students and supports them in obtaining job-related skills and vocational education courses to find suitable employment or establish a company.

Candidates who do not pass any of the examinations have six months to retake them. Over five years, they will have nine chances to pass all five topics and receive the certificate. Candidates can enroll in one of the study facilities or apply for admission online. If appropriate, all candidates can take advantage of the Transfer of Credits (ToC) upon enrolling.


Open Schooling and BOSSE

Open schooling is a catch-all term for any educational or training program that deliberately attempts to remove learning obstacles, regardless of age, time, place, or country.

BOSSE is a recognized educational board that provides secondary, senior secondary, skill, and vocational education to a diverse group of students, including school dropouts, failed, differently or specially enabled students, and underprivileged sections of society, including rural people, urban poor, partially employed, unemployed, females, and minority groups.

BOSSE offers a distant and open learning education system that allows for flexible and ongoing education. This allows students to get self-paced instruction over a much longer length of time than is feasible with traditional schooling. Students have control over what they learn, how they learn it, how quickly they learn it, who helps them learn it, and when their learning is accessed.

Many students in India opt to go off the beaten road when it comes to schooling for several reasons. Open school boards in India provide students the flexibility and freedom to learn at their own pace.

Students with special needs, those who wish to pursue professional sports or other occupations, children who can't deal with a second language, and those who don't want to go through the rigors of a regular academic curriculum can all benefit from the open schooling system.

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Special features of BOSSE

BOSSE provides the following services that a traditional school does not provide:

  1. The ability to choose from a variety of courses regardless of age or background
  2. The freedom of not having to attend classes
  3. The ODE's adaptability (On-Demand Examination)
  4. The ability to work within a flexible time period (You can complete a program of 1 year even in 5 years)
  5. Exam chances are flexible (You get 9 chances to pass and earn the certificate)
  6. Digital assistance via the SWAYAM platform
  7. Credit Transfer System
  8. A wide variety of skill and vocational courses are available.

To conclude, BOSSE, or the Board of Open Schooling, provides the most flexibility. Its objective is to use an open learning system to deliver relevant, ongoing, and progressive education from elementary school to pre-degree level, therefore contributing to the universalization of education.

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Courses Available in BOSSE

The Board of Open Schooling and Skill Education (BOSEE) offers interested students the opportunity to enroll in the following courses/programs of study via open and distant learning.


  1. Programs at the secondary level


  1. Programs at the Senior Secondary level.


  1. Vocational and skills training programs.

Interested In 10th or 12th from Open Board?

Interested In 10th or 12th from Open Board?

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BOSSE Highlights :: Board of Open Schooling and Skill Education

  1. SWAYAM platform for digital assistance, credit transfer up to two topics passed from other boards, and employment-oriented vocational training.
  2. BOSSE provides educational resources in the form of written materials, audio and video programs. The study materials are provided in English as well as various regional languages.
  3. In Secondary Level – Group A, BOSSE offers four subjects: Hindi, English, Bengali, and Nepali. In secondary school, Group B includes five subjects: mathematics, science and technology, social science, economics, and business studies.
  4. BOSSE provides four subjects in Senior Secondary Level – Group A: Hindi, English, Bengali, and Nepali; and seven subjects in Senior Secondary Level – Group B: Mathematics, Home Science, Psychology, Geography, Economics, Business Studies, and Data Entry Operations.

Biology, Accountancy, and Law in Senior Secondary Level – Group E.

Computer Science, Sociology, and Tourism in Senior Secondary Level – Group F.

Physics and History in Senior Secondary Level – Group C.

Chemistry and Political Science in Senior Secondary Level – Group D.

Biology, Accountancy, and Law in Senior Secondary Level – Group E.

5. Laundry Services, Tour & Travel, Housekeeping, and Hotel Front Office Operation are just a few of the technical and vocational courses offered by BOSSE.


BOSSE Board Exam Curriculum Pattern

BOSSE takes a learner-centered approach to teaching through open school and distant education. Students can choose from a variety of topics to fit their own needs and goals. They may study at their speed with specially designed self-instructional material.

Depending on their level of preparation, they can take each topic test one at a time. BOSSE's open learning is supplemented with audio-video and face-to-face contact classes offered at the study centers during holidays and weekends.

The registration of the learner is valid for five years. Students can change topics or add new subjects during their five-year enrollment period at BOSSE, a Board of Open Schooling, as long as the total number of subjects does not exceed seven.

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Responsibilities and Functions of BOSSE

  1. Developing a strategic strategy for the development and expansion of India's Open Schooling program.


BOSSE, an Open Schooling concept, is a required action plan for making education fair and inclusive for underrepresented and disadvantaged groups such as girls/women, minorities, schools that have failed or dropped out, physically and mentally challenged individuals, and others.


  1. To offer a wide choice of academic and vocational courses, as well as continuing education and life-enrichment courses, up to the pre-degree level.


  1. Develop need-based curriculum and self-study materials with an emphasis on skill development for (I) Open Basic Education (OBE), (II) Secondary and Senior Secondary Education, and (III) Vocational Education and Training (VET) Programs.


  1. Create multi-media and multi-channel distribution methods for courseware transactions in support of courses and programs.


  1. Establishing study centers at Indian and international agencies, organizations, and universities to provide superior student support services.


  1. Hold examinations and give out prizes to the top pupils.


  1. Surveillance, monitoring, and assessment to enhance the quality of learning in ODL (Open and Distance Learning), while ensuring comparability with formal education norms and keeping its distinctive character.


  1. Conduct research, innovation, and development activities relevant to Open Schooling and distribute the results to all stakeholders.




The Board of Open Schooling and Education (BOSSE) offers a one-of-a-kind platform for students to choose senior and senior secondary courses, as well as skill and vocational programs.

It may give students with tailored educational support for specific learning objectives such as the NEET, SAT, or other examinations.

The board is fast establishing itself as the ideal choice for students who want to continue their education but aren't focused on meeting a specific deadline, such as passing a competitive test that would allow them to pursue additional studies or qualify them for a particular job.

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Major Institutes of Open Schooling​

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BOSSE :: Board of Open Schooling and Skill Education BOSSE

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BOSSE :: Board of Open Schooling and Skill Education BOSSE

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