Vision and Mission of BBOSE


What is BBOSE

Vision and Mission of BBOSE is mentioned on its official website , but before knowing about the Vision and Mission of BBOSE let us know what is BBOSE.

BBOSE is a recognized institution of the Government of Bihar. BBOSE ie BIHAR BOARD OF OPEN SCHOOLING & EXAMINATION PATNA (Bihar Open Schooling and Examination Board, Patna) has been established as an open school board and was recognized in 2011. BBOSE provides the facility of 10th and 12th education, keeping in mind the education of poor children.

Vision and Mission of BBOSE

Vision of BBOSE

“Open education, universal education” – the light of education spread everywhere in the society, especially among the disadvantaged sections of the society so that an all educated and prosperous society can be built – the state and the country can move forward on the progress path.

Mission of BBOSE

Despite some efforts, there are many such neglected and unprivileged sections in the society who are outside the mainstream of school education for economic, social, and geographical reasons, to provide equal opportunity for education and almost free education.

To prepare the students enrolled in Secondary and Higher Secondary for examination through the distance education system, taking examinations, giving certificates, and preparing them for higher education.

Producing courses and books for basic, secondary, and higher secondary education of high quality and reviewing them from time to time, and keeping them updated.

To provide employment and self-employment opportunities to the unemployed of the state through vocational and skill development training and to prepare and review courses and books from time to time for vocational and skill development training.

Special programs for education/skill development for the disadvantaged sections according to their social, economic, religious, and geographical location, constituted, conducted, and certified to meet the demand for their education/skill development, and by certifying them for higher education/employment / To provide self-employment opportunities.

To certify academic and professional courses.

Establishment of a study center of Bihar Open School Teaching and Examination Board in every corner of the state so that no child and adult are deprived of education.

To collaborate with institutions to provide support to learners through study centers.

To act as a medium for effective dissemination of information related to distance education and open education by the publication of information papers and bulletins etc.

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