7 Best Tips for Exam Preparation

Tips for Exam Preparation that helps students in the stress-free exam preparation and to score well in the board exam.

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has released the CBSE date sheet 2021 board examinations for class 10 and 12. According to the CBSE date sheet 2021, the board examinations for both tenth and twelfth grade will start on May 4. The Class 10 CBSE board examination will end on June 7, while the Class 12 examination will end on June 10. The government is trying to publish the results by the 15th of July 2021.

The board has also released the COVID-19 guidelines, exam details, and other important updates for both students and teachers. The board usually conducts practical exams in January and written exams in February and exams in March. However, the examination was delayed this season due to the coronavirus epidemic.

For this session, students of classes 10 and 12 have been given ample time for revision before their written examination. Here are some useful tips for students, through which they can reduce stress and score in their board exams

Tips for Exam Preparation 1

Allocate time for revision, set time for each subject Allocate time to students of classes 10 and 12 to revise the syllabus of each subject. They should make important notes and revise the chapters later.

Tips for Exam Preparation 2

Check the complete syllabus and revise the important topics. Students are advised to thoroughly examine the syllabus of each subject. They should first focus on the most important text and topics and later revise other topics. They should give extra time for preparation of important subjects, with a higher weightage of marks so that they can increase the chances of getting bigger in the exam.

Tips for Exam Preparation 3

Practice sample paper, old question paper every week. Students should take time out and solve previous years question papers with a timer so that additional exams can take place so that they are not left out during the written examination. Solving the previous year’s question papers helps as the question is repeated in the same pattern every year.

Tips for Exam Preparation 4

Do Yoga and Meditation Students should do light workouts, yoga, meditation, and some aerobics which will help them to cope with the stress of the exam. This will also increase the confidence level there and they will be able to face their examinations more easily.

Tips for Exam Preparation 5

Take short breaks Students should take short hours instead of studying for long hours. Sitting in a chair for long periods can make students physically and mentally exhausted. According to experts, a little break can work wonders for students. They can either read a comic book or watch their favorite sitcom while having lunch or dinner, but they should not play the clock.

Tips for Exam Preparation 6

Avoiding Social Media Students are advised to keep an eye on their social media usage but avoid being engaged on social media before sleeping or before getting up. Too much busyness on social media can draw attention to some unproductive things and increase stress levels.

Tips for Exam Preparation 7

Eating healthy things, students should avoid junk food, packaged chips, or snacks during studies. They should have some dry fruits or an apple, orange or banana or some other fruit .. Fruits, vegetables and eggs can keep you energetic and in a light mood during studies.

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