Know this about Sikkim Manipal University Distance Education (SMU-DE)

Sikkim Manipal University Distance Education (SMU-DE)

Interest in distance education in India is growing rapidly, as the number of people enrolled to study through it is expected to double over the next decade. Currently, about 10 million students are pursuing higher education.

Due to distance education, millions of Indians living in villages of the country can get quality education at affordable fees.

India’s Gross Enrollment Ratio in Higher Education is 12 percent, which is 70 percent in developed countries, so our government is looking for distance education as another means of education to make ‘education accessible to all’. Emphasizing development.

The National Knowledge Committee has mentioned the need for 1500 universities, the plan includes at least one university in each district of India and the development of distance education, which now needs to be addressed.

According to Mr. AM Thimmaiah, Senior Vice-President, Department of Education, Manipal Education, Sikkim Manipal University Distance Education (SMU-DE) has benefited the students, in view of the increasing demand of more and more education centers especially for the students living in rural areas. Has introduced intensive courses in various subjects.

This initiative of this institute has been successful because more than 2 lakh students have enrolled in it. According to a recent World DIDAC 2010 report, distance education accounts for 22 percent of the total enrollments in higher education.

Have to deal with simple methods

Education centers in rural areas, use of technology and diplomas, and postgraduate courses in various disciplines are among the factors that are attracting more and more students and professionals to distance education. Mr. Thimmaiah states that Sikkim Manipal University Distance Education (SMU-DE) offers subjective methods and courses along with assigned services to present distance education to students as a simple mechanism of education.

For example, Sikkim Manipal University Distance Education (SMU-DE) has done extensive market research and now offers 51 job-oriented courses in 11 disciplines in diploma, undergraduate, postgraduate diploma, and postgraduate categories based on the information gained from it. SMU-DE also admits individuals with managerial experience. These courses include undergraduate and postgraduate courses in management and commerce, information technology, journalism, applied sciences, and mixed medicine.

The number is growing rapidly

The number of students getting enrolled in distance education is increasing rapidly and corporates are also recommending this by appointing students receiving degrees from distance education institutions. Courses of Sikkim Manipal University Distance Education (SMU-DE) are flexible in nature, including self-learning content and mentoring through education centers and Ideal Career.

Technology advantage at Sikkim Manipal University Distance Education (SMU-DE)

Technology has the biggest advantage in the distance learning system. Education can be done through the Internet and students can get information anywhere and anytime. Students can take online exams, read articles, blogs, etc. Can participate in group discussion and study through rich content.

Students can observe small groups. Virtual classrooms, readable and other interactive content, self-study material, recorded presentations and shared browsing can be availed.

More expansion in small cities

Distance education is the future of the supply of education in India and this concrete change can be clearly seen in the educational scenario of the country. The government is giving more emphasis to distance education institutions as a medium of higher education and these institutions are co-existing with traditional education institutions.

In the future, new experiments can be seen in the small cities of the country regarding distance education. These will not only benefit the youth, but also those who want to study while doing jobs. Sikkim Manipal University Distance Education (SMU-DE)

Address of Sikkim Manipal University Distance Education (SMU-DE)

Directorate of Distance Education Sikkim Manipal University, SMIT Campus, Majitar, Rangpo, East Sikkim, India, 737136

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