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In regular colleges, not many students can jump in the high cut off. The University of Delhi‘s School of Open Learning favorite center for students who want to get rid of the hassle of class and attendance every day. Popularly known as SOL or School of Open Learning, this medium is showing the way for students to move forward in large numbers.

The situation of the increasing crowd of students is that now every year more than one lakh students are getting admission and making their dreams come true. If you are busy with any other hobby or preparing for some competitive exam etc, you can continue your study here.

This is the correspondence medium of the university, where there is no regular class. Study material is provided to students immediately after admission. After this, they have to sit directly in the annual examination. Yes, in addition to the course material for studies here, classes are offered as PCP on holidays and Sundays from November to March. In this, university teachers or researchers come and take classes.

Regular vs School of Open Learning

The university has two systems of education, under which education is given to a student through regular colleges. The second is School of Open Learning. First of all, you have to wait for the cut off list for regular admission.

A student is admitted only after appearing on the cut off list. After this, the regular class also has to be done, because now 25 percent of marks have been placed in the colleges for attendance and assignment and class tests. SOL does not have these kinds of things.

Here you can sit directly in the annual examination. Before this one does not have to follow the mandatory like attending or class. SOL’s BA program and B.Com program get admission only after having 40% marks. It is also easy to get admission in Political Science, English, and B.Com Honors, but at least 45 to 50 percent or more marks are required in 12th standard on a fixed scale.

However, in many things, there is a similarity between SOL and regular colleges. Both regular and SOL courses are almost the same. The second is about equality of degree. Students studying through both mediums are given the same degree, ie University of Delhi.

Which courses are available in School of Open Learning?

Five courses are taught in School of Open Learning. These include BA programs, B.Com, B.Com Honors, Political Science, and English Honors. There are no other art courses. Science is not taught here either. For this, students will have to knock on the door of the regular. Another thing is that the regular colleges of the university have a semester system and SOL yearly system.


The course structure has changed due to the semester. Now every six months paper has to be given in colleges. There are courses in Hindi, Sanskrit, M.Com, and History at MA level. Admission to MA level course is obtained through the entrance examination.

Vocational subjects also in the course

Several vocational subjects are also taught in BA programs in SOL. In the BA program, students are given three papers under the foundation course in the second year. The first is contemporary India, the second human rights, gender, and environment and the third is language, literature, and culture.

In the third year here, under the application course, there is the paper on Basic Statistics, Globalization, Mathematics for Social Science, and Voluntary Organization. There is also an option to study modern Indian languages ​​for those who enroll here. These include Punjabi, Urdu, Tamil, and Sanskrit.

Admission program

Admission to SOL will run till 14 September this year. Admission will be received by 31 July with no late fee. After this, a late fee of Rs 200 will have to be paid for admission till 14 September.

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