Did You Know this about Informal Education

Informal Education

Definition of Informal Education Informal education is the new name of an ancient practice. Following are some definitions of informal education – Coombs and Ahmed said – “There is no organized program outside the formal education system for providing this kind of learning to selected subgroups of adults and children in the population”. According to … Read more

DU’s School of Open Learning

School of Open Learning

In regular colleges, not many students can jump in the high cut off. The University of Delhi‘s School of Open Learning favorite center for students who want to get rid of the hassle of class and attendance every day. Popularly known as SOL or School of Open Learning, this medium is showing the way for … Read more

5 Benefits of Online Learning

Online Learning

Online learning and Distance Education Courses is a great option for such students, who do not get the desired course in their field, or those students who want to do some different course. Through this education, students from remote areas can get high-quality education right from home. On the one hand, while various efforts are … Read more

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