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Exams to become a teacher

Exams to become a Teacher

 Just to do the courses in teaching is not enough to become a teacher but some exams are also to be qualified. Some of the important examinations in the field of teaching are

1. TGT and PGT:

This examination is organized at the state level. Mainly in Uttar Pradesh and Delhi this test is popular. For Graduate and B.Ed for TGT, Post Graduate and B.Ed degrees are required for PGT. TGT pass teachers teach children from class VI to X, and PGT teachers teach secondary and senior secondary students.

2. TET (Teacher’s Eligibility Test):

In many states of India, this examination is organized for those who do B.Ed and D.Ed courses. The High Court of many states has clarified that it is mandatory to pass this examination to become a teacher after B.Ed. Students who cannot participate in this
examination can get the B.Ed results. After passing this examination, the state government gives a certificate for a few years. This period is mostly five to seven years. During this time the candidate can apply for the recruitment of the teacher.

3. CTET (Central Teacher Eligibility Test):

It is necessary to pass this examination to become a teacher in Central School, Capital Area, Delhi, Tibetan School and Navodaya schools. This
examination is organized by CBSE. Only students with graduate pass and B.Ed degree can participate in this examination. To pass this exam, it is mandatory to get 60 percent marks. After
passing this examination a candidate is given a certificate which is valid for seven years. However, there is no usefulness of this certificate in state level examination.

4. UGC Net:

To get a lecturer job in any college, it is necessary to pass this examination. This examination is held twice a year in December and June. There are three papers in the net exam. Candidates can take examination in English, Hindi or any medium. In the first paper, questions are asked about General Knowledge, Teaching Aptitude, Reasoning and the subjects selected in second and third paper.

Job Opportunities:

There are job options in both the private and government sectors in this field. In addition to government institutions, candidates can also work from private schools to coaching institutions. Not only this, the candidate himself can open the coaching institute.

Early Salary:

Teachers do not get attractive salaries in state-level schools initially. Their salaries are between 15-20 thousand rupees. But as the experience grows, the salaries become quite attractive. At the same time, salaries in central schools and private schools are quite good.

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