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Fields of study in Agriculture

“Some of us grew up playing with tractors, the lucky ones still do”

The agriculture course is studied by students for various types of careers, including Animal Husbandry, Farming, Agricultural Science or Horticulture Management. These Courses include Diploma, Graduate, and Para-Bachelor Degree. In these courses, students learn the basics of agriculture and horticulture as well as ‘how to run an agriculture business.

Some common properties taught in the Agriculture Course:

  •  Agricultural business
  • Agriculture Science
  • Sustainable agriculture
  • Agricultural education
  • Agricultural Resource Management
  • Area of Specialisation in agriculture study

Natural Resources

In this course, subjects related to forestry, soil, and wildlife are taught. Students are given information about energy sources, such as electric motors and compound engines, as well as government rules and programs related to natural resource conservation etc.

Basic Horticulture

Horticulture is a science that studies plants, horticulture and natural development. This course helps students develop skills in plant growth and development. Specific topics of study include rules for plant production, pruning, plant growth and storage procedures.

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Animal Science

Agriculture can focus on animal science while focusing on the course, in which it focuses on concentrating on all animals, horses, cows and other farm animals are included in it. In this course, students can learn about animal development from biological perspectives such as animal products, animal feed, and animal breeding. During the animal science course, students also learn current trends in animal industry history, animal diseases, and animal husbandry.

Soils and insecticides

To become a successful agricultural professional, the student must have a good understanding of science subjects. Apart from this, it should be aware of crops, soil type, and key chemicals. At the same time, he has to have the qualities of logical mind, patience, research, skills to work as a team, the sense of working hours etc. Nowadays, in this sector, the computer is being used to remove biological, chemical, processing and data etc. Hence computer knowledge is very important.

Food Systems

A strong understanding of food systems and processes is required whether the agricultural products are made available to farmers or other people. Students in this course study the international food system as it relates to the current economy, health factors, and regulatory laws. Specific topics of study may include political arrangements, health, environment, food retail sales and international food rules.

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