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Career in Agriculture

“Some of us grew up playing with tractors, the lucky ones still do”

In the present time, the demand for trained agricultural professionals is very high. After doing any course related to agriculture, you can apply for jobs in government and private organizations. Today, various employment opportunities are available for agricultural graduate candidates. This field can easily take you to highly paid jobs.

Agriculture sector provides job opportunities in horticulture, poultry, plant science, soil science, food science, animal science etc. Horticulture, dairy and poultry farming are included in areas which give attractive returns.

Self-employment opportunities are also available in this area. After completing graduate level studies with some experience in this field, you can start your own business like agriculture business, agricultural products shop, agriculture industry etc.

After completing your master’s degree in agriculture, you can work as a supervisor, distributor, researcher and engineer.

Essential Skills

 To become a successful agricultural professional, the student must have a good understanding of science subjects. Apart from this, it should be aware of crops, soil type, and key chemicals. At the same time, he has to have the qualities of logical mind, patience, research, skills to work as a team, the sense of working hours etc. Nowadays, in this sector, the computer is being used to remove biological, chemical, processing and data etc. Hence computer knowledge is very important.

Agricultural jobs

Some of the important Agricultural jobs are

  • Agricultural Assistant 
  • Agricultural Engineer
  • Agricultural researchers
  • Agriculture Probationary Officer
  • Agronomist / Agro Meteorologist
  • Associate professor
  • Crop specialist
  • Economic botanist
  • Farm Manager
  • Fertilizer Sales Representative
  • Field officer
  • Food researcher
  • Plant geneticist
  • Plant Pathologist
  • Plant protection officer
  • Rural Development Officer
  • Seed production officer
  • Soil conservation officer
  • Soil Surveyor

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Employment Prospects and Key Areas

There is the wide scope of employment opportunities for successful agricultural professionals. Most of the opportunities are available in the field of business and science. These professionals get job prominently in the Central and State Government Ministries and Departments, Agriculture Finance Corporation, Research Institute, Nationalized and Rural Banks, Agricultural Science Center, Agro-Industry Sector, Agricultural University, Media House. In addition, there are substantial possibilities in Horticulture, Floriculture, Dairy and Poultry Farming, Fisheries and Agriculture Industry, Food Processing Unit and NGOs.

Salary in Agriculture Jobs

Salary and compensations in the field of agricultural science depend on their qualifications, organization and work experience. Graduate professionals who move in the public sector get initially 20-25 thousand rupees per month. After a few years of experience, this amount is Rs 40-50 thousand per month, while in the private sector, the salary is given according to the skills of the professionals. If you open your firm or consultancy service then the income outline depends on the size and nature of the firm. There is also sufficient salary in the field of teaching and research. 


The work of the agricultural professional is full of variations. In the present time, it has increased its importance by joining many areas in it. People are getting employment too. There are plenty of possibilities in the country as well as abroad. Foreign students are coming to India in a large number to pursue MSc and Ph.D. courses. Government policies are also positive for this sector and number of Professionals is turning towards the villages. With the governmental provisions, the economic situation of the farmers is getting stronger and they are resorting to new techniques. It is advisable to the students who take the course that whatever new technology comes, accept it rather than run away from it and tell the farmers about it, because if the farmer starts getting information from the computer then it will have an all-round development.

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