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Pharma Industry - The Medicine of Your Career

Admission in B Pharma session 2017-18

Pharma Industry - The Medicine of Your Career

Admission in B Pharma session 2017-18

Overview of Pharma Industry and career prospect.

It is generally assumed that after the Bachelor of Pharmacy or Pharmacy Diploma, one can either be a medical representative or can obtain the license of a chemist shop. The pharmacy industry has today become a huge industry worldwide and the possibilities for its rapid expansion in the coming times are being expressed by experts. There are Certified Pharmaceutical Plants from the US FDI of all the multinational pharmaceutical companies in the country where the best quality medicines are prepared in the world.

Growth of Pharma Industry.

According to a survey, health awareness is increasing in our country and state-of-the-art healthcare facilities are also expanding, but despite this, 60 percent of the country's population does not use allopathic medicines. It can be attributed to the traditional thinking of consuming other affordable herbs or using other medicinal methods.

In such a situation, it is not difficult to estimate the extent to which the pharma industry can flourish. Not only this, one percent of the country's GDP is spent on health only, which the government has set to target in three years to increase to 3 percent. This can provide a large number of opportunities for the youth of the background of pharmaceutical training.

Job opportunity in Pharma Industry.

In the pharmaceutical industry, not only do the holders of degree like B Pharma are available, but for the youth of Chemistry, Zoology and Botany, different types of employment opportunities can also be found. These opportunities can be related to pharma research and pharma production. But like other areas, people have a strong role in marketing trends; this fact should not be ignored.

This is the reason that the MBA (Pharma) course has been started in many renowned universities and management institutes of the country. Obviously, the reputed Pharma companies are competing to hire them with attractive salaries and other commissions and allowances. A large number of Medical Representatives and Sales Agents continue to advocate from time to time making every pharma company hold its grip in the rural areas of the country.

Pharmacy degree holders also get jobs in government hospitals and pharma departments of private hospitals. After the implementation of the recommendations of the Sixth Pay Commission, very attractive salary is available in these types of jobs. The youth who want to start their pharmaceutical unit also get the license on the basis of this degree. It is worth noting that medicines in our country are not only prepared at very low cost compared to the US, Europe or Japan, but due to government policies tax is also relatively low. Obviously, this area can also be beneficial from the export point of view.

Those who wish to pursue higher studies in pharmaceutical science can have scholarships and employment opportunities abroad. Apart from this, there is little scope for university teaching and research institutes. Looking at the current expansion in the Research and Development wing of the well known pharmaceutical companies, there is no shortage of scientific prospects. However, the youth with the educational background of biotechnology are also willing to take these types of activities for different types of activities. For such a young man who has been denied admission in MBBS for some reason, undoubtedly the field of pharmacy can prove to be very useful in career building.

Bachelor in Pharmacy: Course, Eligibility & Career Prospects

B.Pharma (Bachelor of Pharmacy) is a bachelor's degree course in Pharmacy Education. Those students who are interested in the medical field (to become a doctor) can choose this course after the completion of class XII (PCM / B). After completion of this degree, students can practice as a pharmacist.

Pharmacists can work in a range of industries related to prescription, construction and provision of medicines. The duration of this course is 4 years. In this course, students study about drugs and pharmaceuticals, pharmaceutical engineering, pharmaceutical chemistry etc. This course offers a large number of offers.

MBA in Pharma Management

Today, the field of health continues to progress and People are looking forward to good and quality facilities in this field. People don’t have enough time to pay attention to their health in changing lifestyles therefore people’s lives are being run with medicines.

Today the pharmaceutical industry in India has crossed the figure of 15000 million. In the past several years, the entry of private organizations and multinationals into the pharmaceutical industry has resulted in a substantial change in the appearance and function of the pharmaceutical industry. Due to the growing scope of the pharmaceutical industry, employment opportunities in this area are constantly increasing.

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