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Distance Education - Learn from anywhere at anytime

Everything you want to know about distance education

Distance Education - Learn from anywhere at anytime

Everything you want to know about distance education

Overview of distance education and career posibilities.

The frills and impediments of admission in the regular courses in the universities of the country has now made the distance education medium much popular. A large number of students are increasingly taking steps towards this medium to read or comply. This medium is giving freedom from class and freedom to study in the part of the day and therefore now a day it is flourishing like anything in many universities of the country. With the help of ready made study material it makes the shortcut to complete the course and is making its reach amidst the students from village to city. So, don’t panic if High Percentage and High Cut-off have broken your dreams of studying in the college’s regular course. Through distance learning, you can fill in your dreams.

Regular vs Distance Education

There are two methods of studying in the university, among which one is given education through regular colleges and another is the medium of correspondence. With the changing times, it has now been named Remote Education or e-Learning. For admission in Regular mode study you will have to make your place by preparing for the entrance test and then you will have to wait for a cut off list in the university. After this, if you get the admission then the problem of living in the city and completing the assignment on time also comes out. There is no such obstruction in distance education, i.e. distance or online learning. Here you have to sit directly in the annual examination. No need to follow the essentials like attendance or class before the exams.

Validity of distance Education Degrees

Distance education and regular degrees are same in many areas. The first thing is about the course, where we find that regular and distance courses are same. The second thing is the degree of equality. The student studying from both mediums is given same degree and it will not be written anywhere that you have studied with correspondence or from regulars. Only the university and the name of the course are written on the certificate. So you will not face any problem regarding the validity of the certificate if the institute and the course are duly approved by Distance Education Council and other relevant organisations like MCI, PCI, NCTE, BCI etc. But there are limitations too. Generally in distance mode fewer courses are available in many universities. Mostly they have studies of B.A, B.Com, B.Com Hons, Political Science and English Hons programs. Courses in Masscom, Journalism, Fashion Designing and Law are also available but there are fewer courses in science. Technology programs are also available at few institutes.

Top Distance Learning Centers are

a. Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra
b. Delhi University, Delhi
c. Jamia Milia Islamia, Delhi
d. IGNOU, MaidanGudi, Delhi
e. Annamalai University
f. Pondicherry University, Pondicherry
g. Himachal University, Shimla
h. Guru Jambhaveshwar, Hisar, Haryana
i. MDU, Rohtak, Haryana
j. Punjab Technical University
k. Sikkim Manipal University
l. Mahatma Gandhi Hindi International University

Courses through Distance education

Distance education mode is usually the effective medium of instruction for students like B.A and B.Com, where Practical and On-Hand skills are not or less needed; options for doing honors courses in arts and social sciences are also available, but many universities run many vocational and unique courses.

Speaking of science and vocational courses, Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) has taken the lead in running practical and field work. Apart from the arts and commerce in IGNOU, the courses of science and management are being run successfully. There are also BA courses along with B.Sc. General, in which subjects such as Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Botany and Zoology are taught. There is also a course of B.Com. Apart from this, there are courses in BBA in retailing, Bachelor of Tourism Studies, Bachelor of Social Work and Bachelor of Computer Applications. Also there are certificates and diploma courses in vocational training as well. Here Bachelor in Education i.e. B.Ed and Diploma in Education, i.e. D.Ed course has now joined the distance education.

At the University of Delhi, under the bachelor distance education courses (CAN BE LINKED TO COURSES THROUGH DISTANCE EDUCATION) along with B.A and B.Com, B.Com Honors Course is also available.   Here you can study English and Political Science Honors also. Several vocational subjects are also taught in the BA program, as in the second year, three papers have been given to the students under the Foundation Course. The first is contemporary India, second human rights, gender and environment and third language, literature and culture. In the third year, under the application course, there is a paper for Basic Statistics, Globalization, and Mathematics for Social Science and voluntary Organization.

Kurukshetra University also runs several unique courses in distance learning. In addition to General Arts and Commerce, M.Sc and M.A are done in Mathematics and Geography. Courses like Bachelor in Information and Management and LLM are very popular among students. Courses like MCA, M.Sc in Computer Science and MBA in Hospitality Management are available here.

Mahatma Gandhi Hindi International University is running courses like Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication, Bachelor of Business Administration for students across the country. Apart from BBA, MBA is also available in Hindi medium. There is a diploma course available for students in   Electronic Media Management and Film Production.

In Jamia Milia Islamia, there are courses like Bachelor in International Business Finance, Bachelor of Banking and Insurance, in addition to arts and commerce as a medium of correspondence. Here you can study Diploma in Electrical Engineering, Diploma in Power Generation, Geo-informatics and Guidance and Counselling course under distance education.

Apart from these, MDU Rohtak, Punjab Technical University, Guru Jambheshwar University, Hisar, Annamalai and Pondicherry Universities are also running their own course through distance   education.

"In 30 years, the universities of America, as we have traditionally known them, will be barren wastelands." That prediction, by noted management thinker Peter Drucker, is one of many startling predictions covered by Gordon Dryden and Dr. Jeannette Vos in their top-selling book, The Learning Revolution. Dryden and Vos forecast that within the next few years students around the world will have instant access to the world's best teachers, through an extensive variety of sources: the Internet, satellite, digital video discs, two-way conferencing, CD-ROMs and multimedia interactive study"

Courtesy, The Learning Web

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